Monday, March 3, 2008

Why Anonymous?

This is intentional. Ideas may be considered more carefully if you don’t know who the sources are. For example, if we are LCMS members, some WELS members would immediately retract the right hand of fellowship and replace it with the left hook of Ro 16:17, for there is the belief that nothing good dwells outside the WELS. Likewise, if we are LCMS members of the St. Louis or Fort Wayne persuasions, the other side could ignore what is written as alternately St. Louis or Fort Wayne drivel. If we are WELS members, we may live in fear of retired synod presidents coming after our children or pets in the dead of night or making certain no one in our families receives a call into the public ministry again. If we are female WELS members, no male WELS member would be able to read this, unless it was written in a posture of submissiveness with no attempt at exercising authority over any man anywhere, which is a rather subjective standard and difficult to prove decisively either way.

As we remain anonymous, we will accept anonymous comments, though all comments will be screened and any deemed inappropriate, whether signed or anonymous, will be deleted.


Another Kerner said...

Thank you.

Another Confessional directed me to this site this morning.

I'm pleased to meet you.

The Dali Lutheran said...

Can you tell us how many bloggers are contributing this site?

The Dali Lutheran

Angry Lutherans said...

Hello Dali!

It varies. Submissions are welcome by email to and are posted after approval by the executive committee made up of the four angriest(?) Lutherans.

Angry Lutherans said...

Thanks, Mr/s. Kerner.

Are you the grape?

The Dali Lutheran said...

Since you are the Angry Lutherans, I'll change that four to "FORE!" and duck while I look forward to reading you on a regular basis.

My in-laws are WELS and I am born Missouri.

When my mother-in-law had a garage sale we borrowed tables from her WELS church. I am an LCMS pastor and at church the next day I told the wels guy, "you know since I borrowed those tables it means that we are in table fellowship." he laughed.

I look forward to your blog.

The Dali Lutheran

Angry Lutherans said...

Thanks, Pr. Dali.

Table fellowship. :)

We're usually fairly mild-mannered. Not much yelling and probably no need to duck.

rlschultz said...

Your point about the blowback to WELS called workers is well taken. Any criticism of WELS leadership is visited upon the third and fourth generation of the called workers. The intimidation tactics could put organized crime to shame. It is no wonder that the only ones in the WELS who speak up are the laity.