Saturday, March 8, 2008

OT/NT Connections

From Augsburg Confession, Article XXVIII, paragraphs 61-62: "There are monstrous debates about changing the law, ceremonies of the new law, and changing the Sabbath Day. They have all sprung from the false belief that in the Church there must be something similar to the services set forth in Leviticus (1-7), and that Christ had commissioned the apostles and bishops to come up with new ceremonies necessary to salvation."

Note that it doesn't say the ceremonies from Leviticus are NOT similar and do not foreshadow those in the New Testament Church, but they are arguing against those who say there MUST be something similar, that bishops are to create new ceremonies, and that such ceremonies are NECESSARY to salvation.

The very specific instructions for sin offerings in Leviticus 4 and 5 foreshadow the New Testament Holy Absolution. When an individual sinned, he brought and killed an offering (confession), the priest made atonement with the blood of the sacrifice, and the sin is forgiven (Absolution). In both OT and NT situations, the actual sin offering is, of course, Christ.

This also relates the OT royal priesthood (Exodus 19:6) with it's more popular counterpart, the NT royal priesthood. The NT royal priesthood still receives Absolution through God's appointed ministers/priests.

This is not to say that something in the pastor makes the Absolution valid. God always works through means, both in the OT Church and in the NT Church. Holy Absolution is received by the royal priesthood through the means of called and ordained men standing in the place of Christ for that very purpose. There is beautiful continuity from the Old Testament Church to the New Testament Church.

*The ALs thank Prs. TandP for assistance in articulation.

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