Tuesday, March 25, 2008


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Rob Olson said...

I am still wondering why more pastors are not speaking out about Jeff and Todd like you are, even those pastors who are at the seminaries and/or the "regular guests" of the program. They are still pastors, right? Thanks for promoting the petition here.

Jeff and Todd are good, faithful men, and what has happened to them is just plain wrong. Why are so many remaining silent? There is no Jim and Tammy scandal here, as the silence of the Synod might suggest about their character. Other pastors should stand with their faithful brothers in Christ who are taking on the chin for the gospel of Christ!

To your readers, I would like to ask them if their pastors have signed the Issues, Etc. petition. If not, please encourage them to do so. If they are reluctant or refuse to sign the petition, then ask them why. You might learn something about where they stand theologically.


Blessings to all,.

Rob Olson
Zion Lutheran Church
Marshall, MI