Monday, March 24, 2008


A brief word on quotations: as the AL fact checker will attest, our quotes have been entirely accurate to date. Quoting something distributed widely and publicly is not the same as distorting, misrepresenting, or misconstruing what was said or written. It is to avoid just that impression that all our authors try to stick to extended quotes, not short snippets that can be pulled out of context.

For example, in last week's Together, we had very little issue with what Pres. Schroeder wrote in the first paragraph: "One activity by far exceeds all others in involving people directly with the life and work of a congregation—worship. Public worship is so central to our understanding of the church that we couldn't possibly conceive of the church without it. It's the time when we gather with our fellow believers to hear the precious Word of God proclaimed. It's the setting for us to confess our sins and to receive the precious news of God's forgiveness. In worship we kneel beside those who share our faith and receive the body and blood of our Savior. In worship we witness and celebrate the new life that God creates in Holy Baptism. In worship we join our hearts and voices in prayer and in songs of praise to a gracious God. In worship, as God conveys his love to us in Word and sacrament, we convey to him our thanks, our gifts, and our faith-generated commitment to a life of faithful service."

While that is a bit heavy on what we do in worship, it can be understood well, which the author of our post, "O Sorrow Dread! The Synod's Dead!" did. It was in the further explanation in the following paragraphs of Together where issues came up that were questionable. We have to assume that what someone writes for or speaks to the public is what is believed by the author. We try to choose our words carefully and assume others do likewise unless it is proven differently.


Angry Lutherans said...

Not to criticize, but your last two sentences are awfully stilted for someone who's choosing words carefully. :)


Angry Lutherans said...

Fare 'nuff. i dun goed to publik skul, yu no.

me fixin dem now.