Friday, February 29, 2008

Why Angry Lutherans?

The Lutheran church has much to offer, yet, in many places in the United States, it has sold out to Enthusiasm to the point where a good number of Lutherans do not know or care what their church officially teaches. This is truly sad. Many have lost the comfort of extra nos and are meandering with the rest of America through their own sinful hearts and minds to find God. They reject those places where God has promised to be and go off to campfires, “Christian” rock concerts, and small homogeneous groups to drown an unquenchable thirst for experience and emotion.

The big four-letter Lutheran synods in America, LCMS and WELS, are a mess. The ELCA has made so many concessions that it can no longer be considered a Lutheran church body, though there are exceptions at the congregational level.

This is a place to vent: to point out errors, inconsistencies, and obnoxiousness. It may also be a place to examine practices and the reasons behind them and possibly to learn something. Problems will not be solved here, any more than they will be by synod conventions or committees. We in the Church Militant can reasonably expect problems to remain with us until our Lord returns.

If you are a member of a Lutheran church, you should know what the church of the unaltered Augsburg Confession teaches and why before you go setting your People Ablaze or freeing your slaves (a.k.a. called workers) for the Year of Jubilee.