Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Are Lutherans ashamed of what their church confesses? Or are they just woefully ignorant of that confession? What is the reason so many Lutherans continue to invite those whose theology is in opposition to the Lutheran church to speak to Lutherans? Do they just not care? Maybe it’s a problem of insecurity or an inferiority complex? Baptists, Methodists, and Reformed congregations aren’t beating down the door of Dr. David Scaer’s office to invite him to come and tell them “how to do ministry” or to give his “testimony”. Their churches wouldn’t agree with what he would have to say and they know it. Do they have a better understanding of their own church’s beliefs or just more integrity than Lutherans? (Prof. Brug’s name from Mequon could have been substituted, but with the fellowship issues involved, even if a WELS professor was invited somewhere, we don’t think he’d be able to go, unless he could present “simultaneously” and not “with” anyone else.)

Lutherans should first, learn what their church’s confession is, and then confess it. Lutherans have no need of the broken cisterns and polluted wells of American Protestantism.

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