Friday, April 10, 2009

Pronunciation Key

For the more dim-witted among the Lutheran clergy:

1. It's not "Maunday Thursday" or "Monday Thursday"; it's "Maundy Thursday".

2. "Introit" does not rhyme with "Detroit".

3. Jesus was not talking to "Eli" about a "llama sabbatical" while on the cross.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Angry Lutherans. This made my day. Very funny and also very irritating.

-A PW in TX

Angry Lutherans said...

Dear PW,

We have to laugh. The alternative is to sit in a corner and cry. These NT jackasses, like the OT one with four legs, remind us that Christ, not man, rules and preserves His people.


CyberSis said...

Item #2: You wouldn't be referring to "Deh-twah" would you? :-)