Friday, May 9, 2008

Attention, Blue-Haired Hotties

This is to all the LWML babes out there. Or, rather, all of you who were able to hook your manual typewriter up to the interweb so you could send teck messages to your great-great-grandchildren. (This might be a small audience.) Anyway, your church body needs you. The LCMS seems to be unable to keep missionaries in West Africa. We think it’s about time someone stood up for the poor who desperately need help for this world and the next even if that means backing off attempts to reach those who drive by US LCMS churches every day in their SUVs without setting foot inside, have ignored your canvassing efforts, and threw out your church-advertising mailers. Who better to support the spread of the Gospel in places like Togo and Burkina Faso than an organization like the LWML? If you can take a break from throwing your hands in the air and waving them around like you just don’t care, consider supporting planting churches and schools in West Africa.

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Anonymous said...

The LCMS isn't your grandma's church anymore.