Wednesday, April 30, 2008

There’s a doin’s a-transpirin’!

Is there a Confessional “movement” in the Lutheran church today? While here, in the present time, we are not at a good vantage point to judge that. Future generations will be able to look back and see more clearly what is happening now than we can. For example, back in the 5th century, Romans and Visigoths were not sitting around discussing starting the Middle Ages.

Visigoth: “Well, we’ve sacked you quite thoroughly. What shall we do now?”

Roman: “Hmmm, why don’t we start a movement called the ‘Middle Ages’?”

Visigoth: “Sounds good!”

To push for a Confessional “movement” is counterproductive. Pre-made “movements” don’t work. Look at the LCMS’ Ablaze! “movement” for a good example. Real movements are determined by history and they are not the result of a person or group of people deciding a “movement” needed to be started. They start because of what a group of people are doing at a specific time in history, whether that group was well-organized and their movements thoroughly planned and coordinated or not. Look at Luther. He didn’t wake up one morning and decide to start a “movement”. He didn’t collect an amiable committee of monks around himself to discuss how to start a “movement”. He was used by God and did what he was supposed to be doing according to his vocation. From that, a legitimate movement sprung up, but its beginnings were not contrived as some are attempting today.

Roman Catholic: “Hey, Marty, what are you doing this weekend?”

Luther: “I think I’ll start a Lutheran Reformation. Would you like to help get the movement organized? We need some catchy slogans and a focused marketing campaign to really get our message out to our chosen key demographic.”

We Angry Lutherans would be tickled pink if there were a Confessional Lutheran movement happening today (Hey, we’d be thrilled, “movement” or not, if more Lutherans would read and be taught the Lutheran Confessions as they are a correct exposition of Holy Scripture) but will have to leave the judgment of our day to our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Instead of trying to organize or galvanize “Confessionals” on email groups or as delegates for the next synod convention (even with a good synod president, there will still be problems), keep serving faithfully, learning more of our Lutheran faith, and teaching others. God will take care of His Bride. If there is a Confessional movement today bringing many back to a focus on Christ and his gifts, it is not our doing, but His.

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